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Enjoy a Seamless Selling Process

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Seamless Selling Experience

Sell Unlisted Shares

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To sell PRE-IPO shares on our platform, you need to list your shares for sale. Begin by creating a account and submitting details on the Sell page about the shares you wish to sell. Our team will review the listing and assist in connecting you with potential buyers.

You'll need to provide details such as the company name, share quantity, offering price, and any relevant documentation regarding the shares. This information helps potential buyers evaluate the opportunity.

Yes, there may be transaction fees associated with selling PRE-IPO shares on our platform. Detailed fee information is provided during the listing process.

The time to sell PRE-IPO shares can vary based on market demand and the specific characteristics of the shares. Our platform connects sellers with a network of accredited investors interested in PRE-IPO opportunities, which can expedite the process.

Once you accept an offer from a buyer, UnlistedAssets team will reach you out for further process and will help you transfer the shares from your demat account to buyers demat account.

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