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PRE-IPO shares refer to shares of a company that are available for purchase before the company goes public on a stock exchange. These shares are typically sold as part of offline transactions to investors by shareholders of such private companies.

Generally, PRE-IPO shares are available to investors, which are individuals or entities that meet the minimum investment criteria or buying a inventory.

To buy PRE-IPO shares through our platform, you need to create an account and complete the KYC process. Once verified, you can browse available listings, review company information, and place buy orders directly through our secure platform.

Investing in PRE-IPO shares involves risks such as limited liquidity, potential valuation changes, and the uncertainty of the company's future performance. It's important to conduct thorough research and consider these risks before making an investment.

After selecting a company, of your choice you want to invest in, you can initiate the buy process by selecting the company >> Entering the quantity >> Making the payment >> Once payment is confirmed >> Shares are transferred to your demat account within 24 to 48hrs.