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India's first platform providing you a transparent buyer-seller negotiation, a safe bank escrow-based transaction and an automated transaction flow of buying / selling Unlisted Shares and ESOP's.

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About Unlisted Assets

We are a transactional platform that redefines the ecosystem for unlisted shares by providing a marketplace to investors to buy and sell unlisted shares securely and transparently.

Unlisted Assets Platform assists individuals and institutional investors in transacting in equity shares or ESOP of various unlisted companies shares through our automated platform, speeding up and securing the process, and facilitating price discovery. For the transfer of shares or ESOPs, we provide an end-to-end automated process. Using an escrow method offered by our banking partner and a transaction authorised by a SEBI certified Trustee, in a safe and secure manner.

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Why use the Unlisted Assets Platform?

With one of the highest safety and security standards, worry-free transactions are possible thanks to the banks' escrow mechanism for money transfers, audits by SEBI licensed trustees, and best-in-class customer assistance.

Smooth Interface

Make Buying or Selling unlisted stocks enjoyable by using a platform with an easy-to-use interface, user instructions, and smooth negotiation.

Complete unlisted stock ecosystem

Through a single platform, you may access a proprietary knowledge resource, newsletters, a loan against your unlisted holdings, and other broker services in addition to receiving frequent insights and updates on your unlisted stocks.

Why Unlisted Assets?

You may simply locate a list of unlisted shares that are available for trading, and selling unlisted shares at attractive prices on our Platform.

Unlisted Assets is building this platform to provide the best prices for buying or selling unlisted shares. You get the best-unlisted shares price on our website. Each and every transaction will be entirely open and adhere to the law. Feel free to email us at and you can connect us on call at 9990862220 with any inquiries you may have about any kind of unlisted shares, and we will resolve the inquiries within 24 hours.

About Us

In India one of the first leading marketplace for unlisted shares. We have grown over time to become a top source and the most favoured advisor for unlisted shares. We have created this exclusive platform to invest in niche businesses that operate in narrow industries as a result of being in the market and utilising technology. We work to make sure that investors profit from their holdings of unlisted stocks.

We provide buy/sell unlisted shares, Pre-IPO, start-up, and unlisted equity shares from more than 200 companies on -4 simple steps. We also buy shares under Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) at competitive prices.

To learn about the greatest offer rate, you can reach out to us. India has several billionaires who invest in start-ups and private businesses before they become public, from the media to manufacturing.

With Private Assets, becoming a venture capitalist is far more affordable. Visit our website to view the most recent top advice for buying and selling Unlisted, Unquoted Shares & Securities. Our blog site might assist you to come up with innovative ideas. Our best-performing stocks have produced greater stock returns than more recent investment options.

Key Features & Highlights

Unlisted Assets is one the best start-up in India for facilitating the purchase or sale of your unlisted, ESOP, or pre-IPO shares. You can buy unlisted shares and sell them as well at Unlisted Assets. Our team makes sure that you place your hard-earned cash in the best shares that have the potential to yield the highest rate of return.

  • Buy or Sell Unlisted Shares,
    Pre IPO-Shares, ESOP Shares
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Quick and Safe Transactions
  • No cash transactions
  • Trusted Brand
  • Customer Friendly Team
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Trustworthy

Unlisted Assets customer support is very prompt and available for its customers on priority.

We have a reputation for having the quickest response times in this industry. You typically receive the shares in your DEMAT account within the T+1 settlement cycle.

Why Trade With Us?

We are the most well-known, dependable marketplace of unlisted shares., We offer the most competitive prices, real deals, no additional fees, T+1 delivery, and high-quality service. We fully guarantee all of our transactions and adhere to all legal requirements. We have an external Trustee and thereby ensuring all compliances are taken care of and enhancing transparency.

We deal with all varieties of unlisted companies. The largest unlisted shares marketplace with the best-unlisted shares list in India is called Unlisted Assets. Buy unlisted assets from a reputable and secure marketplace. Call us to learn about the best market shares to buy right away. For more details

Buyer-Seller Interaction

Our unique platform ensures a transparent interaction/negotiation between buyers and sellers.

Enhanced Liquidity

Shareholders of unlisted companies can get easy and quick liquidity through our platform.

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Secured via Bank Escrow

The transaction is secured through a bank escrow mechanism that safeguards your transactions.

Easy to Access

Now you can explore companies , negotiate and conclude your transaction at ease.

Why Invest In Unlisted Shares?

Several unlisted companies including start-up companies have unique and high growth business models. Investment in unlisted shares offers huge potential of returns wherein substantial value unlocking usually happens when they go for IPOs


High growth investments

Unlisted companies’ shares are commonly smaller in size and have not yet reached the point where they can go public in order to raise money for their capital needs. As a result, the small base effect generally results in significant returns from investments made when the firm is tiny and throughout its growth when it lists on equity markets.


Lower volatility

Many late stage startups, delisted companies, pre ipo companies offers stable wealth creation opportunities to investors. Because the shares are illiquid, there are a lot fewer volatility worries. The technical term for volatility is standard deviation, which is substantially lower than the volatility of listed shares. However, if the wrong investment is made, there might be a significant amount of downside.


High-value investments

Due to the lack of liquidity, shares are frequently undervalued or overvalued for extended periods of time. Therefore, an investor can earn substantial returns on the investment if they can buy shares at a discount.


Low liquidity contributing to undervaluation

Since most unlisted shares are illiquid, they can only draw a select group of investors who are prepared to hold onto their investments for a prolonged period of time. The valuations are typically lower because there is less of a demand for these assets and fewer people who want to be a part of this group.


Peace of Mind

Unlike listed stock shares, unlisted equity shares' prices are generally stable, so investors don't have to worry about price changes.


Risk diversification

If you invest in listed shares, unlisted shares may complement your portfolio by offering various risk dynamics. They may be useful tool for portfolio diversification. Comparing the return potential of unlisted shares to that of listed shares, the former is comparable to the latter.


Value of shares increases

Value of unlisted shares increase as these companies grow and raise capital at higher valuations overtime.


Opportunity to invest in Newage and Innovative business

Most of the innovative and disruptive companies in India are unlisted.


Suitable for informed investors

Investors who takes informed decisions can create wealth overtime investing into unlisted stocks.

So, is it prudent to invest in these companies before they list on the exchanges? As an investor why should one be looking at unlisted companies’ shares?

When we are discussing the unlisted space, it's a parallel universe that we are talking about. Most of the viewers have been in the district space thus far but there's a parallel universe running in the unlisted space which starts from idea-level investments that investors do.

Explore the world of the private market by signing up for free. On our platform, explore the Unlisted Company Shares list at affordable prices.

Companies Available On Our Platform

Start Investing In Unlisted Companies In Few Easy Steps

Join our Platform

Sign up and fill out the necessary details. Complete your KYC details and be Transact ready.

Explore trending shares on our marketplace

Explore on shares on our marketplace

Negotiate prices

Negotiate over the best available stocks. Explore unlisted companies and buy them at most competitive prices.

Escrow Transfer

Payments are secured in an escrow bank account

Transaction complete

An independent trustee approves the transaction.

Explore Our Investing Platform

Clients can explore and select the unlisted share of their choice and make a successful Transact.

Negotiate directly with potential buyers and sellers

It helps you secure your transactional funds unless unlisted shares are transferred to buyers Demat account.


Sneak Peek into our Platform

On our platform, we have shares of more than 200 Companies. With our user-friendly and safe approach, Platform makes use of technology and intelligence for a smooth transactional experience and an exceptional Investor experience.

  • By making investments in unlisted private stocks, you can diversify your portfolio, buy unlisted shares online and boost returns.

  • Utilise a reliable partner to profit from your investments and ESOPs in unlisted firms.

  • Find buyers for your ESOPs and unlisted companies shares and liquidate your holdings easily and securely.

  • elect from a variety of unlisted stocks and invest in Unlisted markets

  • Investigate and invest in a variety of unlisted equities including start-ups, businesses, and pre-IPOs.

Got More Questions For Us?
An unlisted public company is one which is not listed on any stock exchange but can have an unlimited number of shareholders to raise capital for any commercial venture.A company may not be registered for a number of reasons, such as-.Not large enough to quantify for stock exchange listings.
There is no restriction on buying Unlisted shares if the client is resident of India. Unlisted shares can be bought through intermediaries and platforms who specialize in sourcing and placement of unlisted shares and can facilitate the trade. Intermediaries and platforms buy shares from employees i.e., employee stock options (ESOP), existing investors and offers new investors who are keen to invest.

Income/loss from Sale of equity shares is covered under the head ‘Capital Gains’ Under the head ‘Capital Gains’, income is further classified into :

(i) Long term capital gains, or

(ii) Short term capital gains. Short-term capital gains (STCG) If unlisted equity shares are sold within 24 months of purchase,

the seller may make short term capital gain (STCG) or incur a short-term capital loss (STCL). The seller makes short-term capital gain when shares are sold at a price higher than the purchase price. Short-term capital gains are taxable at Slab rate . Calculation of short-term capital gain = Sale price Less Expenses on Sale Less Purchase price Long-term capital gains (LTCG) If equity shares listed on a stock exchange are sold after 24 months of purchase, the seller may make a long-term capital gain (LTCG) or incur a long-term capital loss (LTCL). Long-term capital gains are taxable at 20% after the benefit of Indexation.

To invest into Unlisted shares, there is no minimum or maximum amount. You may invest in unlisted companies from as low as INR 1000 /-

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