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STUDDS Accessories Ltd.


Approaching IPO

Studds Accessories Limited is incorporated in 1983. It is one of the leading two-wheeler helmets and accessories manufacturers in India. The company has a wide range of products including helmets, riding gear, and accessories. It has manufacturing facilities in Haryana.

Key Highlights

The company sells Two ? Wheeler Helmets Product segment also includes Motorcycle Accessories, and Bicycle Gears and accessories The company also produces face shields and face masks for customers. Company sells helmets under two brands, Studds and SMK. The brands are focused on the mass-market commuter (Studds) and premium (SMK) segments. ?Studds? helmets lie in the range of Rs.825 - Rs.2165. ?SMK? helmets are premium helmets and are available in the range of Rs.2300 - Rs.9800 in the market.


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Typically, the lock-in period for unlisted shares ranges from 6 months to 3 years. However, the exact lock-in period for unlisted shares varies from company to company and is subject to the company's board of directors.

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(ii) Other Investors (include Retail, HNIs or Body Corporate) lock-in Period of 6 months from the date of listing of IPO of STUDDS Accessories Ltd.

The expected IPO date of STUDDS Accessories Ltd. has not been announced yet. Please keep a check on Unlisted for getting the recent updates on STUDDS Accessories Ltd. unlisted shares
Ready to trade this unlisted company?
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