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Oyo(Oravel Stays Limited)


Approaching IPO

Oravel Stays Limited (Oyo) was incorporated in 2012 and it operates in the hospitality sector. The platform provides services related to hotel booking accommodations. People can book hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and experiences. Additionally, Oravel Stays Limited provides property owners and managers with a suite of tools to manage their listings, prices, and bookings.

Key Highlights

The company connects travelers to independent hosts who rent their houses or property. Oravel stays Limited earns from commissions and fees in between these transactions. They also generate revenue from advertising and partnerships. Oyo townhouse is a budgeted hotel that bills itself as a neighborhood hotel. Oyo Townhouse offers a range of affordable rooms and serviced apartments across India and other international locations. OYO Home, which claims to be India's first home management system, which provides private homes in various areas that are entirely managed by OYO. OYO Vacation Homes are the world's third-largest vacation home brand, which includes vacation rental management brands. Silverkey by Oravel Stays Limited is a premium hotel booking service that offers exclusive access to discounted, luxury hotel stays. Capital O provides hotel reservations. Palette, an upper-end leisure resorts category, offers the ideally designed staycation for individuals looking for an intuitive experience at competitive pricing. Business travelers can use Collection O's booking and rental services. OYO LIFE, caters to millennials and young professionals looking for fully managed long-term rentals at a reasonable price. YO! HELP is a self-service tool that assists with check-ins, check-outs, and payments. Oyo weddingz is the latest added product to book wedding destinations.


Unlisted shares of Oyo(Oravel Stays Limited) can be bought through a stockbroker or dealer specializing in unlisted shares like where you will find the best price for the unlisted shares and can also read about the unlisted companies’ profile and read its financials which helps users to get comfortable with unlisted company information before they can invest in the Oyo(Oravel Stays Limited) unlisted shares.

You can sell unlisted shares of Oyo(Oravel Stays Limited) through a stockbroker or through a platform like, etc. Once the deal is confirmed, you can transfer the unlisted shares to the buyer through the Depository Participant (DP)/demat account.

Typically, the lock-in period for unlisted shares ranges from 6 months to 3 years. However, the exact lock-in period for unlisted shares varies from company to company and is subject to the company's board of directors.

(i) AIF-II - There is no locking period for Unlisted Shares.

(ii) Other Investors (include Retail, HNIs or Body Corporate) lock-in Period of 6 months from the date of listing of IPO of Oyo(Oravel Stays Limited)

The expected IPO date of Oyo(Oravel Stays Limited) has not been announced yet. Please keep a check on Unlisted for getting the recent updates on Oyo(Oravel Stays Limited) unlisted shares
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